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Banana Puree for baby food recipe | Easy ways to make puree

Banana Puree:

Banana Puree,one of the best food recipes for babies. Easy to peel and prep, bananas are the ultimate weaning staple. Plus, according to wiki, they provide bags of energy & are easy to mash on the go. If you  want to introduce your baby with a new good food or fast food that is more delicious you should definitely go with banana. Banana is a rich nutritious food and it is very easy to digest. For your baby we recommended you banana as a healthy food.

One of the best food recipes for babies:

Essential Ingredients:

01. One small banana


01. Peel the small banana.
02. Mash with a fork.
03. At first stages of weaning, if necessary to thin down it, add a little milk.
04. Then add a familiar taste.

Check out 5 easy steps below:

  1. Selecting fresh and ripen bananas, focus on that bananas which are blemish free and yellow in color.
  2. Slicing and peeling bananas after washing it.
  3. Now go through the desire process that we already discussed
  4. Serve your banana puree in different flavors.
  5. Refrigerate left over banana puree.

You can refrigerate banana puree for up to 3 days in BPA-free containers.

Always check with your well-being  medical care before introducing your baby to a new food. Particularly if your baby has food allergies.


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